Dávid Smiló – The House

As I was walking down the street, step by step, jumping from stone to stone, approaching the house -I felt it. I felt that there is something spiritual lingering around this place. The meeting of sky and Earth is questioning this bad habit of our ages – that we must surpass and conquer each other, and brag with our victory. And that is right this way.

After the intimate and deep atmosphere of the street, I was captured by the site, and I have to say a few words about it. The water drops sitting on the grass and the light mist rising up from them all contribute to the spirit of the place. It feels like we are becoming small dwarves and robust giants at the same time, just so we can see it from every possible angle and aspect what this house is trying to say, gently whispering to us.

However, we can only understand these words if we are tuned in to nature. There ends the man’s rapacious and unsustainable money empire in which there is no place for nature, wolves, birds, foxes and butterflies  - but now here they are the lords and the homo sapiens is only standing and watching. Yes, this is the way how the house is natural, in this endless and weightless media; there is no word for that, you have to feel it.

And the house is teaching us. And we are learning and we are suffering for every piece of knowledge with the hungry lips of our soul, what this house throws for us. Us, reckless and rapacious beasts, seeds of dragon’s teeth. Well, the time for confession has come. And this house will be our confessional always, under any circumstances. After the entrance there comes the lobby, and the living room that was designed just a few meters away from that.  There is no better place for a room that symbolizes family love and union. It proves the genius of the architect-artist that he placed the other rooms – like the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, the gym, the janitor’s room, the wellness section with the Jacuzzi, the dodgem room with room for the sauna provisionally, the garage for three cars with the essential family equipment, the hot-rod, the wine cellar, the pálinka distillery, the boat house that is connecting to the lake next to the house, the heated minigolf field and the guest room.   And he did it all with the ease and elegance that makes it doubtless that he is a talented architect.

The walls are disappearing, the trees are riding into the living room, the rails are curving above the terrace like diamond eyed chrome steel snails, the blast of the dodgem comes from the distance, and we are just floating in this vacuum filled with fresh air and light sparks. No question remains unanswered; the father-son or mother-daughter connection created between the designer and the client donated us a building that is a significantly decorative and modestly forward-looking pearl standing at the top of the bridge of the Creation of Man.

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