Strike #1 – Trash

The topic of the first issue of Strike is trash. As waste, muck, useless and useful, tabloid, good, bad, purulent, evil, beautiful, ugly, broken, damaged, sustainable or even untenable, function lost, unloved, undesirable, dangerous. All these through the lense of city, urban life, architecture so the culture.

Editor: Dávid Smiló

Release date: 2013 Spring Semester


Balázs Major, Space debris

Márió Z. Nemes, The Wantonness of trash

Árpád Bőczén, Sweet urban stink in our ears

Erdenejargal Rinzaan, Jurtas of Ulanbataar

Szabolcs Molnár, Józsefváros market

Judit Boda, Region K

Dániel Kovács, Hungary 1962

Miklós Zsámboki, Art is really useless

Miklós Oroszlány, Newspaper pavilion

Anna Sipos, Trash culture – cultural trash?

Samu Szemerey, Street shots

Sándor Lilienberg, House for sale

Dávid Smiló, The House

András Árvai, Dolce Vita

Sándor Lilienberg Sr., GDP and waste

Péter Sándor Nagy, This Is How We Hive


With graphic works also presented in this issue Noémi Mondik, and the Fontos Graphic Design Studio.

Layout: Sándor Lilienberg, Zoltán Szmolka
Translater of essays section: Emese Polyák
Translater of opinion and stories sections: Zsófia Militár
Hungarian texts copy editor: Miklós Zsámboki
English texts copy editor: Katalin Tóth

Contributors: Gergely Mónus, Árpád Bőczén, Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár, Zoltán Volcz, Erdenejargal Rinzaan, András Kiss, Roland Dániel Németh, Jakab Buda, Andor Wesselényi-Garay, Csaba Masznyik, Dániel Kovács, József Martinkó

ISBN 978-963-313-026-1

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